Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle from McPhail Auto makes sense.

When purchasing a used vehicle from a newspaper or car magazine ad, its left up to you to determine whether or not a vehicle is actually in the condition the seller claims it to be in. If you're not a trained mechanic, this can be a daunting task. All to often, sellers neglect to mention significant faults or damage associated with their vehicles.

At big dealerships the focus is generally on selling as many vehicles as they can as quickly as possible. This can mean that the safety and quality of the vehicles they sell may come second in importance to good salesmanship.

At McPhail Auto we seek out only a certain select quality of vehicles from sources we've come to trust. We take the time to carefully inspect each and every vehicle before we decide to acquire it. This means that before we obtain any vehicle we first ensure that its safe, mechanically sound, is in exceptional condition, and will also be a worthwhile investment.

Our comprehensive experience working directly with motor vehicles has taught us what to look for with vehicles that have already seen some use. We know which parts are most likely to suffer wear from general use and also have a keen eye for spotting whether a vehicle has been well maintained or if it has sustained any damage in its history. We also have first hand knowledge of what makes and models of vehicle are well built and which types have a history of safety or mechanical troubles.

Once we've determined that a vehicle is up to our standards, we then fully re-condition, service and certify it. At this point we can be fully confident that our vehicle will be an excellent choice for the consumer. And just to be sure we offer a 90 day warranty on all safety related items.

As with the pride we take in our work servicing auto's at McPhail Auto, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Satisfied customers translate into customers who are happy to return the next time they have an automotive need.